Streetopia – They Destroyed Everything & I Did Nothing
The Tihlers, the colossal machines of destruction, left the city of Reet in shambles after their attempts at global domination. Ruin and desolation shadow every corner. Even for (and inside) Ricardo.

Creating the second iteration of my animated short film leveraged Generative AI art tools to further push my creativity. While the process was similar to the first episode, “Get Out Of Reet“, I continued refining my compositing skills which slowly improved with practice.
The raw material I used as input for the AI consisted of stock photos stitched together, 3D models, and green screen footage of myself. The output from the AI tools, however, was vividly animated and way beyond what I could have done on my own. Seeing the vast difference between the plain input and the imaginative output never ceases to amaze me.
This second episode involved many challenges along with happy accidents that pushed me to think outside the box and problem-solve creatively. With each subsequent episode, my workflow and technical skills improve which means the stories I tell through these AI art animated shorts have the potential to become more cohesive and nuanced over time. But ultimately, my goal remains the same – to use these emerging creative tools to unleash my own inner artist and imagination.
Tools I used:
• Midjourney for BG and Robots/Droids
• Tons of stock photos, videos, 3D objects (USDZ) and green screen
• @clipdropapp for upscaling my MJ images
• Final Cut Pro for editing and sound design
• Motion 5 for Motion Graphics
Watch The Raw Video
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